Our mission

St John's Mission

We are a Christian Community in the Roman Catholic tradition with a ministry in the heart of the City of Bath.

This Christian Ministry is one of providing love and service through welcome and hospitality as well as serving the needs of the City in outreach and charitable works on a local and global level.

The key to our dynamic community is to connect with the Holy Spirit who is very active in our modern world.

The Spirit's work is one of regeneration, transformation and new ways of building relationships and dialogue with all people of good will.

The mission of regeneration is to renew the old and tired sections of the Church, in its buildings, its organisation structures and its attitudes. This mission comes from the Spirit's vision to make all things new in Christ. It will foster a Church, clergy and lay, who will be open to engage in mission with local Christians and all people of good will.

The mission of transformation will begin with the Spirit's call to empower the laity especially for mission. The Parish of St. John's is committed to Collaborative Ministry, seeking to involve people working together in all aspects of parish life. The development of teams of people working together is at the heart of the Spirit's plan for a strong community. At the heart of this transformation is the need to renew the liturgical and sacramental practice of the parish.

There is a need to catechise all who receive the sacraments prior to the receiving of the sacraments of the Church.

There is a need to engage more and involve more the ministry of women, young people, creative and gifted persons as well as individuals with special needs. The important new influx of people from overseas with their strong faith and culture allows the opportunity for new patterns of integration and rich variety of missionary initiatives. New ways of mission are found from the realisation that we can do much more together than in isolation. The discovery of local and international partnerships provide new energy that brings hope. Building local connections between Churches, local businesses, and Civic Organisations open new doors for benefit of our City.